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My Prized Possession

To most, this is just a piece of junk. Anyone looking through my utensil drawer would think I should have tossed it long ago.  Afterall, it's no longer functional. It just takes up space!  In my eyes it is beautiful. All of its imperfections are part of its story. Part of MY story. In 1984 I was moving into my very first apartment.  I was about to have my own kitchen.  I had nothing to put in it of course except for a set of dishes I purchased at a yard sale and some glasses Id collected from work lol. My mother took me to the store and bought me a set of pots & pans.  She also reached into her own utensil drawer and took out this very spatula.  It was one of her older ones.  Its handle already had several battle wounds from being against the side of a skillet a little too long as she used it to prepare meals for my dad and me. Over the years I have used it to prepare meals for my own family.  My children used it as they learned to cook.   I

Mission Accomplished!

Good morning everyone!
Its 5:17am Alaska time and +20 degrees.
We got another light dusting of snow last night, and it's looking like more is on the way.

Finished up the second season of "The Hand of God" last night.
All I can say is WOW! If you haven't seen it, you really should. It's really a shame it only ran for two seasons. But they did wrap it up nicely.

So, our local phone, internet, cable company phased out cell phone service a few years ago. We all had to move to big box companies that moved in. Now they are phasing out the cable TV lol. It's all good. I switched to streaming my tv ages ago. But some of the older peeps have a much harder time with changes.
I spent several hours yesterday trying to explain to an irate elderly lady why she can't just pick a package that includes fox news and be done with it lol. Getting her to understand that cable was no more without sending her into a panic was quite the feat lmao. She ranted and raved that her internet price was going up. Said she didn't need no damned internet. She was just gonna use her wifi!
You have no idea how hard it was to keep a straight face when she blurted that out!
But, I heald it together and said,
  Remember back in the day when the phones were hardwired to the wall. If you wanted to talk to someone you had to sit right there by it? He said yes.
I told her that the internet was like the phone that is hardwired to the wall.
The wifi is like the cordless phone. you can talk on it from anywhere in your home and even outside. You can even watch your shows in your bedroom from any of your devices. I saw the light come on. Her little eyes got huge, her brows went up and she said OH! I got her Roku all set up and she was surfing through her channels as I went out the door lol.
Mission accomplished :D

Ok, I'm in need of my second cuppa. Before I go, I wanted to share a recent promo I did via Sympatico Studio featuring SceneScapes X3 by MortemVetus

Its a really versatile building set that can be used in so many different ways.
I added a marble shader to it to convert it to iray. Go and check it out. This set will really come in handy! Everything else you see can be found at the Daz Store


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