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My Prized Possession

To most, this is just a piece of junk. Anyone looking through my utensil drawer would think I should have tossed it long ago.  Afterall, it's no longer functional. It just takes up space!  In my eyes it is beautiful. All of its imperfections are part of its story. Part of MY story. In 1984 I was moving into my very first apartment.  I was about to have my own kitchen.  I had nothing to put in it of course except for a set of dishes I purchased at a yard sale and some glasses Id collected from work lol. My mother took me to the store and bought me a set of pots & pans.  She also reached into her own utensil drawer and took out this very spatula.  It was one of her older ones.  Its handle already had several battle wounds from being against the side of a skillet a little too long as she used it to prepare meals for my dad and me. Over the years I have used it to prepare meals for my own family.  My children used it as they learned to cook.   I

YouTube Red, Take Ten and Gwen

Good morning everyone! Its 5:17am Alaska time and the holding at+23 degrees. The wind was howling all day yesterday. It finally seems to have calmed. I was waiting with baited breath for the power to die lol. Hence the reason for not being here yesterday. I eeked out one promo and shut it down for the day. I found a show on YouTube Red called Escape The Night yesterday . Have you seen it? It's like one of those murder mystery getaway thingies. They have to solve various types of puzzles to find the next clue. Synopsys: In this surreality competition series, 10 guests are invited from the modern world to attend a dinner at the host's newly acquired mansion estate, which has been locked in the 1920's. This is a dinner party to die for. No one is safe. Ok, I'm ready for Latte #2. Before I go, I want to share an artistic promo I did via Sympatico Studio featuring  The lovely Take Ten Jumper by Nirvy. It's a Dforce garment and is perfect for a relaxing nigh

More snow, Excellent Jewelry and Sassy Hair!

Good morning everyone! Its 6:17am Alaska time and the holding at+20 degrees. It looks like its raining glitter out lol You cant really see all the sparkly stuff with a cell phone shot But you get the idea lol I didn't really watch anything last night. I made it through about 1/2 of an episode of   Paranormal Lockdown and passed out lol. Too tired to keep my eyes open. Maybe today I will get to fire up the iPad lol I'm on my second latte. My eyes are starting to open and I'm about ready to start my day. Before I do, I wanted to share a recent promo I did featuring a super cute jewelry set by Wolfie Its called  Regent You get the complete set and lots of yummy shader options. This is on G8F, but it's also available for G3 & V4. The Hair is the fun & flirty Pixie Pretty Hair. You can find it at the  Daz Store The model Is my new girl and WIP whom I've decided to name Abby. Hopefully, she will be ready for your rendering pleasure soon

Gwen, Zora Hair, Moon and Mundane Junk lol

Good morning everyone! Its 8:55am Alaska time and the weather app+20 degrees. It sure doesn't feel like it lol This morning while sipping my latte, I snagged up  Gwen  (among several other things) for G8F by Brahann. She is friggin' gorgeous. I just rendered her in a promo for a garment, so I cant show it off yet. But I will tell you she was a breeze to work with. If you haven't added her to your cart yet, you probably should go and do it now. You won't regret it lol.  I have lots of domestic junk to do today like errands & grocery shopping and all that jazz. But before I start raking all the snow off my jeep, I wanted to share a recent promo I did via Sympatico Studio featuring the lovely  Zora Hair by Biscuits. Her hair always has tons of morphs and drop dead colors. All of her hair products are to die for. The model (in case you didn't already know) is the adorable Moon by  Marcius. You can find her over at  The Daz Store  You're going

Moose Troubles and The New Girl

Good morning everyone! Its 9:29am Alaska time and +3 degrees. Weather app says more snow is coming. For all you ladies out there, it also says its a great day fora super padded Bra. You've been warned lol I love that App. Its like weather with a sense of humor on the side lol I've had my 2 lattes already and could really use another. Every dog for 3 blocks was barking all night due to moose lurking in the woods. I went to bed at 9. They woke me up at midnight. About an hour after I finally got back to sleep, it was time to get up :( I didn't watch anything last night as I was busy working on this new girl.   I think I like her as is. I tried adding makeup and all that jazz. But I just didn't like it. Id loves your opinions. Oh, and she needs a name! I cant just go around calling her new girl forever lol. Shoot me some suggestions!

Soon There Will Be A Robo Server 3000 In Every Home

Good morning everyone! Its 3:47am Alaska time and +3 degrees. Weather app says more snow is coming :( I'm currently marathoning an AmazonPrime show called  Electric Dreams Its based on the short stories from one of science fiction’s most prolific authors, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams explores humanity in 10 standalone episodes. From 5 to 5000 years in the future, each story in the anthology will question what it means to be human in uniquely ambitious, grounded, yet fantastical worlds. The first episode was primo. You should check it out! Ok. I'm thinking that today may have to be a 3 latte day. Before I go, I wanted to share a recent promo I did via Sympatico Studio. It features a super fun content pack by JudibugDesigns. Ladies & Gents, I present to you The RoboServer 3000 ! I'm demonstrating the commercial model, but she also comes in a domestic version for helping out with those mundane household chores. For an extra fee, she can be prepr

What if Jessica Rabbit Were Goth?

Good morning everyone! Its 6:03am Alaska time and +20 degrees. We got snow all day yesterday. I didn't go anywhere lol There were ditch divers everywhere and a 20 car pileup that shut down the highway. I did walk across the yard and get into the hot tub for a soak. Have you ever sat in a hot tub while big fluffy snowflakes fall down on your head? Its wonderful :D I highly recommend it lol I'm currently marathoning an older 2015 SyFy show called  Olympus that I discovered on AmazonPrime Unfortunately, it only has one season, but hey that's 10 episodes. It should keep me occupied for a day or two lol. Last night I watched episode 1. It involved him being sent to rescue the seer of the goddess Gaia from the cave of a cyclops so that she could tell him what he needed to know. There is way more to it, but I don't do spoilers lol. I'm ready to visit the coffee altar again. Before I go, I wanted to share an older promo I did via Sympatico Studio featuring the 

Mission Accomplished!

Good morning everyone! Its 5:17am Alaska time and +20 degrees. We got another light dusting of snow last night, and it's looking like more is on the way. Finished up the second season of "The Hand of God" last night. All I can say is WOW! If you haven't seen it, you really should. It's really a shame it only ran for two seasons. But they did wrap it up nicely. So, our local phone, internet, cable company phased out cell phone service a few years ago. We all had to move to big box companies that moved in. Now they are phasing out the cable TV lol. It's all good. I switched to streaming my tv ages ago. But some of the older peeps have a much harder time with changes. I spent several hours yesterday trying to explain to an irate elderly lady why she can't just pick a package that includes fox news and be done with it lol. Getting her to understand that cable was no more without sending her into a panic was quite the feat lmao. She ranted and raved tha

Black Is Beautiful

Good morning everyone! Its 6:20am Alaska time and +3 degrees. I'm sippin' on my first latte of the day. It's like a little slice of heaven lol Nothing new on what to watch. I"m currently watching season 2 of The Hand Of God. But yesterday after the errands were done in town, my daughter and I took an impromptu drive north (about an hour) to Talkeetna and had lunch at The Denali Brewpub . Its one of my favorite places to go! Whats not to like? The service is always excellent. The food is topnotch, and they brew some of the best beer in Alaska! Did I mention its family friendly? They even brew their own root beer for those who don't partake. My daughter says its to die for lol. If you're ever in Alaska, you need to plan for at least a day in Talkeetna. Its a hopping spot in the summer. Ok, I need my other cuppa. But before I go, I want to share a recent promo I did via Sympatico Studio featuring The beautiful  Spencer by Deva3D You get t

The Librarian

Good morning everyone! Its 5:53am Alaska time and +2 degrees. My weather app literally says its cold AF lol I've had my 2 lattes and am about to make myself a glass of lemon water lol. Yesterday I started marathoning a show called  The Hand Of God via Amazon Prime. It only lasted 2 seasons, but it's friggin' awesome and has several familiar faces. Synopsis: Award-winning actor Ron Perlman stars as in this drama the law-bending Judge Pernell Harris, a hard-living married man with a high-end call girl on the side. After his only son attempts suicide, Harris has a mental breakdown and becomes convinced that he can hear the voice of God. Spurred on by a questionable pastor, Harris decides to embark on a vigilante quest to find the person who raped his daughter-in-law and tore his family apart. If you haven't seen it yet, you should! Ok, time to get busy. Before I go, I want to share a recent promo I did via Sympatico Studio featuring  Ciera by the infamous Ana